Pediatric Dentistry

When dogs and cats are young they have deciduous baby teeth, just like people. For dogs and cats, these teeth are in the mouth for about 6 months. When pets are young we are able to evaluate them to check their occlusion the way the teeth come together. When we detect that puppy or kitten teeth are not in the correct position we are able to intervene at an early age to try to allow the dog or cat to have a greater chance of a comfortable bite when the adult teeth erupt come in. There are times we have to extract baby teeth to give those adult teeth space to give appropriate occlusion. Another common thing we see in young dogs and cats is fractured baby teeth. When puppy and kitten teeth are fractured there is living tissue exposed to the mouth. This fractured baby tooth allows bacteria to travel to the developing tooth bud, which can cause long-term damage to adult teeth.

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